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VERLEGESYSTEM für Balkon, Terrasse und mehr...

Verlegesystem mit verdeckten Schrauben Button aus Holz mit der Aufschrift Wasserableitend Anwendung und vielfältige Formen mit  Alphawingböden vielseitig einsetzbar Beleuchtung, wunderbare Lichtgestaltung des Bodens für Balkon, Terrasse, Treppen mit Alphawing Zubehör  Alphawing
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The ALPHA – WING System improves the installation of wooden planking indoors and outdoors

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The company WEISS & SCHNÜRER from Germany offers a new system for the installation of wooden planking with balconies, terraces and other uses. It provides continuous surfaces and protects the areas underneath reliably against dirt.

Local wood such as fir and spruce can easily be mounted under the system ALPHA-WING for the supporting structure which reach then an unprecedented long durability. The local, ecologically safe wood is, compared with tropical wood, less than half as expensive. Besides, there are more and more customers who take into account the ecological and social aspects with their purchasing decisions.

The innovative system is relatively easy to handle and significantly less time has to be spent on the installation. The tools needed are only a portable circular saw with a saw blade HM, a sting saw a drill and an accumulator power-operated wrench. Special tools are not necessary. The fixing bolts are not screwed into the wood but in the plastic retaining profile lying between the floorboards which is called "WING" because of its form. The upper profile which is then clicked on covers the screw heads.

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Should a single board be damaged later in the middle of a terrace it can be detached and exchanged with a relatively little effort. It is sufficient to detach the four neighbouring profile rails. The time should be a thing of the past to detach the whole terrace from the edge and to reinstall it.

The upper profile is colorless and forms a tunnel between the floorboards. As it can be equipped with coloured LED rails new creative opportunities are established with the design of terraces and gardens. ALPHA – WING can be used with all constructions with which the ingress of dirt should be prevented.
It is also suitable for paths, pond borders and bridges. No more weed can grow underneath.

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